From the Petrified Forest toward Show Low, Arizona, 2008 (processed 2011)

2008, Toward Show Low, Arizona, from the Petrified Forest
From the Petrified Forest toward Show Low, Arizona, 2008 (processed 2011)
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A ranger at the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, hearing we were on our way to Cottonwood, had suggested we take the route through Snowflake, down to Show Low, where we would turn west and proceed through the Sitgreaves Forest. He said it was beautiful. We would like to confirm that it was but two lane, back road driving being what it is, we did not make the time we’d hoped. It was soon twilight and then dark. Soon enough that I wasn’t able to take any pics as, though we were at first driving south, the setting sun seemed to be coming straight at us, glaring harsh bright in a perfectly clear sky, searing our eyes, and when it was done doing that then, well, it was promptly dark. The kind of back highway dark where you pray you don’t hit a deer, of which we saw many, and that’s about all we saw. Despite that, we could tell it must be beautiful, and promised ourselves we’d get back there one day. When the highway delivered us out above Camp Verde and Cottonwood, that alone was worth the drive with all the lights in the valley below situated in here-and-there clumps of civilization.

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