The Night Before – another Catastrophic Audio cover

Wasn’t going to post this one but Marty convinced me to. I like the chorus but when I hear what else I did to it, especially at the end there, I feel like our ever reincarnating cockroach, Fred, scuttling as the light hits. Except for last night, finally caught in the bathroom, on the rug before the sink. “Mom, it’s Fred! I don’t think he’s feeling very good! He’s not moving!” He wasn’t moving but was still quite alive, too easy to kill, and left a mess on the rug. Anyway, out of my mouth belched certain sounds on this tune that I would have preferred not be preserved but here they are. I don’t know why I didn’t slash them out of the mix way back when. At the time I must have been kind of proud of those urps.

#10. The Night Before.

Vocals by me. Instrumentation and engineering by Marty. Co-produced by Marty and me.

The previous Unauthorized Messy Covers are under the “The Unauthorized Cover” category.

“Mom! Is that you singing that song?”


“You sing really good!”

Haha. Nothing like having your own unprincipled cheering section.

* * * * * * *

Speaking of unprincipled cheering sections, poor kid was sick Saturday and Sunday. “Boy, he’s subdued,” I thought, and then he complained about feeling ill and didn’t leap to talk to his grandmother on the phone when she called and a couple hours later he took a nap then woke and upchucked every particle of food that had gone into his stomach over the course of the day. After that he was feeling energetic enough that he went Star Trek spelunking.

“Mom, look what I found!” as he came trotting up to me with my old Star Trek episode guide, he believing he’d stumbled on pure gold and that I would be elated to have it close at hand rather than stuffed in a book shelf.

He keeps asking about Star Trek but we threw out all our old tapes of it (taken off the television) years ago. So they are now in the Netflix queue.

When he began feeling ill and curled up on the sofa, he wanted to watch our old Flash Gordon DVD.

Liked this bit from one of the episodes (paraphrased poorly):

Astrophysicist Woman from the Future: And what did the women do back then? Knit all day?

Historian: No, they didn’t fill their heads with knowledge and science and astrophysics, like one young woman I know. They knew their way around the kitchen instead of the lab.

Marty’s paraphrase: They could cook, unlike some young women I know.

In these old Flash Gordons, you had no problem telling who was the bad guy, because they boldly pronounced they were evil and were only interested in going about doing evil.

I don’t like to watch those old Flash Gordons though, because when they’re on Queen’s “Flash Gordon” overtakes, Freddie Mercury singing “Flash – ah – king of the impossible. He’s for every one of us. Stand for every one of us…” and my heart pines for the 1980 film.

Until I can get a copy, I’m going to need to satisfy myself with this vid up at YouTube of the film’s opening credits, which are great.

Anyway, that was our weekend. Except for the part of hours and hours spent working on my computer because of the DVD ROM having gone bad, installing a new one and a new drive (one had gone bad), and rewiring and cleaning it out.

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