For the scrapbook: Casablanca at the park

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Waiting for Casablanca
Cellphone capture with post processing
Casablana at the Park

At the Jazz Festival, H.o.p. saw a poster on movies in the park, beginning this week. Today’s offering was “Casablanca”. His first communal big screen experience. The green was pretty well packed but we found a place not too distant (not beyond the port-a-lets). “Casablanca” was a bit out of his league but he enjoyed it, when he wasn’t bored and talking (quietly). His complaint was that there were a lot of rude people who acted like “I’m not there” and weren’t excusing themselves when stepping over him.

Some came prepared in a big way. Like the people with the self-inflating mattress. We just brought along a camp blanket to sit on and some water.

P.S. The weather was clouds with a heavy haze of smoke from the Okefenokee fires. I mean really really hazy.

For the scrapbook: Casablanca at the park

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