Mean Mister Mustard-Polythene Pam-She Came in Through the Bathroom Window and You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – covers by Catastrophic Audio

The last of the circa 1995 messy unauthorized covers, by Catastrophic Audio, of Beatles tunes.

Particularly bodacious, messy, and best listened to aggravatingly loud…

#11. Mean Mister Mustard – Polythene Pam – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.

And lastly (always better than last)…

#12. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.

Vocals by me. Instrumentation and engineering by Marty. Co-produced by Marty and me.

The previous Unauthorized Messy Covers are under the “The Unauthorized Cover” category.

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Juli Kearns

Juli Kearns is the author of Thunderbird and the Ball of Twine and Unending Wonders of a Subatomic World (or) In Search of the Great Penguin. She is also an artist/photographer, and the person behind the web alter of "Idyllopus Press".

9 thoughts on “Mean Mister Mustard-Polythene Pam-She Came in Through the Bathroom Window and You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – covers by Catastrophic Audio”

  1. You remind me of someone, but I can’t think of whom. Of course your sound is unique and your own, but my brain is picking up the inkling of someone else… it’s on the tip of my tongue, but won’t fully reveal itself.

  2. I may not want to know. My landlord (who calls me “skinny wiry like those Scots who live through anything”) says I look exactly like a neighbor of his. The last thing I want to do is ever meet this woman. Anne of Green Gables was almost adopted by a woman who, proclaiming her wiry, decided she was suitable for working half to death. Being wiry in a way that looks like it could possibly drag itself up out of a tar pit if it had to just isn’t what I’d planned for an exhaustive bio.

  3. Okay, for fear that you think I was comparing you to Shatner… I have searched my mind and have come up with a some comparisons that first popped into my mind. Patty Smith was the first, but there were a couple of other songs that made me think of others. I finally remembered who they were. One was Lucinda Williams and then one obscure one was Josie Cotton. I can’t remember, but one of the songs made me think of “Johnny, Are You Queer?”

  4. Patti Smith? No, no. But she’s wiry and looks like she could drag herself out of a tar pit, whereas I only look like I could possibly do it

    I’m not familiar with either Lucinda Williams or Josie Cotton, but Josie Cotton’s recording was easy to find and listen to a few bars of. If John Waters finds Josie Cotton to be perfect date music, then I’m perfectly content to be compared with Josie Cotton!

    (I think. No, I’m pretty sure I am. I think. No, really I am. I would love to be a selection in John Waters’ perfect date music catalogue. I’d tap dance like Ann Miller all the way to the bank with my little residuals check.)

  5. You know, when I think of Ann Miller, I think of her Great American Soup commercial. She was funky… had a really harsh edge to her. I didn’t care for her either, but then I think I realized the harsh edge was not really part of her personality. Her hair was harsh. Maybe it was the hair.

    I’ve met John Waters. What a hoot! He was so incredibly nice and charming. I’d even sing if I could be in the John Waters’ perfect date music catalogue! I’d sound like an off-key Lou Rawls.

  6. P.S. If my renditions were actually classed with Rhino’s Golden Throats, some people might actually listen to them. Except I’ve never ridden on the Star Ship Enterprise, which doesn’t help matters. And H.o.p. likes my voice, so when he’s a teen he might be embarrassed to realize his mother had been placed in the Rhino’s Golden Throats category. After all, I sang the poor child to sleep every night for years.

  7. You’re right. It was the hair by then. Harsh. If you have never seen “Kiss Me Kate” you ought to watch it. You’d think first of it when Ann Miller came to mind afterwards. Her “Too Damn Hot” is great.

    You met John Waters! I’m relieved to hear it was a hoot and that he was nice and charming and not a jerk.

  8. I saw “Kiss Me Kate” so long ago that I don’t remember much so I’ll have to check it out again.

    John Waters was not a jerk. I got the impression he didn’t suffer fools, but as far as my interaction with him went, he was very nice and very charming.

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