"We Can Work it Out" (and new conversion of "Revolution" to mp3), Unauthorized Messy Covers by Catastrophic Audio

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I finished the conversions last night of this particular batch of the Unauthorized Messy Covers by Catastrophic Audio (me and Marty) that we did in 1997 and will be putting them up over the next couple of days.

#7. We Can Work It Out.

The above is particularly messy.

Vocals by me. All instrumentation by Marty. Engineered by him and co-produced by Marty and me.

#1. Revolution.

“Revolution” I did have up as a ram file and now have up mp3.

The previous Unauthorized Messy Covers from 1997 are under the “The Unauthorized Cover” category and include Baby’s in Black, She Said She Said, Helter Skelter, Gimme Some Truth, and Happiness is a Warm Gun.

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  1. Seven songs–that’s nearly what at one time we would have called an album. I have nearly as many j kearns songs in my itunes rotation as of some fairly illustrious names. (Sadly perhaps, my itunes selections are not necessarily a measure of a musician’s success.) I appreciate your uploading them.

  2. I should be flattered but instead I’m worrying about them being in your itunes rotation and that after a short while they have a high chance of becoming like the buzzing of that fly that got in the house a few days back and you’re going to start yelling at them and swatting them with a magazine.

    There’s more on the way.

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