Angel’s Trumpet Pod Opening at Night Fall (3 Views)

Angel's Trumpet (with helium touring balloon in background)
Angel’s Trumpet pod opening at night fall
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We were visiting my mother-in-law for her birthday on Sunday, and she remarked to me that her angel’s trumpet, a new plant (as of this summer), had been beautiful the week before but the flowers were now dying off. Angel’s Trumpet? Seriously? I took a look and saw that it was but didn’t mention to her its hallucinogenic properties, which can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and apparently often times even if you do. Personally, I’m not one who would be interested in experimenting but thought getting some photos would be nice.

One wonders why certain plants do what they do.

It was early evening and fascinating to watch this one pod opening even as we stood there. When I first noticed it the glistening green new flower had only begun to emerge, and within a few seconds was as you see above. I called over my mother-in-law to see and she was fascinated, having never observed this.

Angel's Trumpet
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Angel's Trumpet Emerging from Pod
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More views of the flowers.

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