Redefining Beautiful (then enlarging the garbage dumps of America with it)

Picked this up at a second hand book shop.

Redefiing Beautiful

The designer of these “7 Stunning Pieces made from 7-Count Plastic Canvas and Embellishments” was Diane T. Ray. The back cover says that Indian Artifacts “reflects her unique ability to adapt objects of art to the medium of plastic canvas”. Living in New Mexico, inspired by its vistas, she also enjoyed riding customized sand rails over the dunes with her husband and boys.

In other words, she enjoyed destroying the desert environment with sand buggies. How appropriate.

Anyway, we have here bell chimes, a canteen, a pitcher, wedding basket, wall hanging…and no home display of plastic canvas Indian artifacts is complete without the tomahawk and pipe.

Somewhere out there are individuals who thought “that wedding basket would look so cute holding plastic flowers on the tank of the bathroom toilet!” and made at least one of these bizarre creations in their passionate pursuit of creating trash for American landfills. If it happened to be a sweet but clueless relation of yours, I can understand how you’d be sentimental. The idea remains, however, reeeeeeally bad.

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