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  1. I loved your analysis on the movie. You are truly one of the most devoted fans I’ve ever seen to put so much time an effort into this analysis! I’ve always loved the Psychiatrist scene and never thought about the possibility of Pauline Taylor of playing the psychiatrist and the waitress. Though I found something that can help solve the “Three Old Ladies at Duke of York Pub”. This was a cut scene but it is based off the scene in the book where the ladies cover for the droogs to the police. Here are two pictures of them:
    and here’s a site for some great info on all things Clockwork Orange as well as photographs from the movie:

    I was wondering, do you by any chance have a screencap of Dr. Taylor
    walking down the corridor before going into Alex’s ward? I’ve been looking for for an art project but couldn’t find any site with screecaps of it.
    Great Job and thank you for sharing your analysis! It was very well-done and observant!

  2. Sorry, James, totally missed notification that I had a comment to approve. That’s a truly peculiar shot of the “three women” because with what we have to observe of the Duke of York Pub in the film I can’t begin to imagine where this shot would have taken place in context of it. Wish I knew, because it’s an interesting one. Am sorry to see that the person running the Malcolmtribute site stopped posting due to health issues.

    I don’t have a screencap of it. That’s a fairly lengthy shot. If you could tell me approximately where you want a screencap from it I can grab it and put it up for you.

  3. Hey, Juli! 🙂

    Well it said on the site that that was a makeup test photograph and not a screencap. And for the picture of them at the table I think that may have been the exterior of the Duke of York Pub, or it was in a seperate room from the room where the Purple-Haired Waitress is in.
    As for the screengrab, I really appreciate you to be willing to post it! Um, I guess when she walks past the policeman she says “Good Morning” too. I really only need her body; I’m planning of getting a tatoo of it and putting it in a Clockwork Collage. If you cap them by what time they’re at it’s around 2:04: and 10-13 seconds. Thank You so much!

  4. James, I put it up above (under shot 603), which is the full pixel screen cap from off my computer. I chose earlier than the policeman as if you’re going for a tattoo she gets really bleached out in the sun when and after passing the policeman. When she’s still in the hall there’s more color, but definition is still very poor here, there’s not much detail.

  5. You’re a life saver, Juli! Thank you!! Been looking everywhere for a picture of her rolling the cart down the corridor but no luck until now 🙂 Hopefully someday someone will screencap the whole movie.

    1. Thanks. She’s a lovely person to listen to, isn’t she? The original idea of her wearing a transparent dress was a bit unexpected. I’m glad she made enough to get those needed winter boots.

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