Comments for an Analysis of A Clockwork Orange – Part Four

Part Four post is here.

Having moved the body of the post to html, am restoring for the comments on the section.

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7 thoughts on “Comments for an Analysis of A Clockwork Orange – Part Four”

  1. This whole “Clockwork Orange” thing has been sitting back yonder in draft form for the past three or so years. I’m rolling it out slowly the past couple weeks. Taking my time. Maybe I’ll have parts 4 and 5 out before the end of the week.

  2. Sorry! Really, I am. What happened is I had a ton of notes on “The Shining” I felt like I needed to go ahead and integrate with my old analysis of it, plus I wanted add a shot by shot timeline (for my own purposes, easier to get around). So I started on that a couple of weeks ago and have been slowly getting that done and editing and re-editing it. And then I’ll edit it again when I’ve got it all redone. Keep amassing more notes to add.

  3. I understand; very excited to see your stuff on 24/42 (and possibly 10, 12, and 21?). If I had more spare time, my tumblr wouldn’t suck and I would start posting my own notes.

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