Coments for an Analysis of A Clockwork Orange – Part Three

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9 thoughts on “Coments for an Analysis of A Clockwork Orange – Part Three”

  1. Juli,
    Notice our Sphinx lady’s house door is in the same striped style as the Hotel Jaso* in Eyes Wide Shut. The desk clerk there is mostly seen leaning on the counter so his body becomes sphinx-like. He displays the same kind of preying, paw-like hand gestures as Ullman (also behind a desk.) Both Ullman and the desk clerk tell tales of violence. Connections …

  2. Interesting catch. What you observe also works in with with Bill’s encounter with the frat boys–which I have written a bit about above–via their attack on Bill, assuming he’s gay.

    No doubt, someone has already caught this and I didn’t until just now, but I looked at the scene after your comment and realized that the Rainbow shop and Hardware/paint store are clearly observed as Bill exits the hotel.

    So, again, this hotel is located in the maze that is presented the audience throughout the movie, in which store facades morph into other entities while others don’t. This means that the Hotel Jaso() is none other than the Verona Restaurant, which is in view when Bill has his face-off with the big burly guy as he stands outside Sharky’s, and though the Hotel Jaso() has the address of 143, the Verona Restaurant’s address is (tada) 237. Updated a post on EWS with this and will have to return to it later when I’m done with this.

    While many facades are kept much the same, changing only slightly, the facades of the Verona Restaurant and its neighboring storefronts are very different from the Hotel Jaso() and its neighboring storefront.

  3. Yeah, the N. And one could take the “Are you five 0”, asked by the clerk, as also referring to it (N=50, Nun, corresponding with the death card) as well as the slang for police officers.

    Again, no doubt someone else has noticed this before, but I was thinking about 237 and was looking briefly at EWS, just quick scanning, and tonight I realized for the first time that as Bill enters the hospital doors you can see the number for the building across the street, you get a brief distant glimpse of it, and it’s 236. Which means the hospital’s address is possibly 237! I think that’s strongly inferred. And of course it’s here he confronts the perilous face of death, as had Jack…

  4. sphinx double at the desk at the hospital, along with clockwork door, which we also see in 2001 Hotel, featuring pink-clad woman. Jack meets pink clad, redhead desk sphinx in first scene in Shining — same scene with ball-bearing, high-heeled sportswear-clad woman … a different high-helled sportswear clad woman walks the opposite direction in second scene in Lobby with Jack, on Closing Day (wearing number 13, no less).
    riff on female double doubling in EWS here:
    Hospital Monoliths simultaneously connected to wrist-watches and being-watched…
    More Later …

  5. Cat Woman’s painting with the mouth unveiling two sets of teeth: Any relation to Deltoid’s repulsive swig from the glass of false teeth?

  6. Alex’s induction into prison reprised in ‘The Blue Brothers,’ when Jake is being released from prison? Pretty obvious…
    Alex’s interactions with Cat Woman reprised in ‘Animal House,’ with the interactions between Otter and Marion Wormer?

    At both the Casino with Billy Boy Et Al, and at Cat Woman’s place, Alex strongly resembles a dog at the moment he hears the approaching sirens and snaps back to reality. His final violent escapade is the proverbial dog chasing and catching the cat.

    ‘I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper’ sounds like it was recorded solely for the purposes of its intro providing strong inspiration for the theme music of ‘The Itchy And Scratchy Show,’ on ‘The Simpsons.”

    Wasn’t Joe the lodger’s bedroom the same room as Alex’s parents’ room, (closest to the living room) where Deltoid was seated on the bed? Did Alex’s parents take over Alex’s room once he was arrested, and then rent their old room to Joe? Might Alex have bullied his folks into taking the lesser room when they’d originally all moved into that flat?

    Might officer “666” have been the driver of the Land Rover? As Dim, Georgie Boy, and Alex walk away from the Land Rover, we see an unrecognizable officer waiting behind, seated in in the driver’s seat. Dim definitely exited the rear door – passenger side in England.

    Was the ‘Conspiratoress’ the same woman as the Sophista from the TV studios in the milk bar, who came forth with the singing? They look more alike than do Julian and the brutal detective with the long sideburns.

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