It was starry, slurry, neo-coy politicos coking and fillying about me DC prezie roast

It was starry, slurry neo-coy politicos coking and fillying about me DC Prezie Roast, you could tell them and me from the designer whore trappings and threaded-up jowlies, had been rehearsing their toasty-roasty designer whore speech joculars ha-ha like. The whore maids among them had these very lively bazookas and wide big rot mouths, very red, showing a lot of capped designer teeth, and feasting and roasting away we was not caring about the wicked world one whit. And then the fair DC Prezie’s lively-wifey, with big smiling red rot, up she was for the roasting me on Arnold Schwarzie’s speech pervert’s humors, Landon Parvin, ok’d it was, all official, joking how nine o’cokck her hubby-wubby nation’s jokey-wokey is passed out snoring she said so she desperado steals out to ogle fabulous Chippies without me, ha-ha, had RUms in hysterics. Ah, but she was enjoying it, she was, and smilining all evil-like getting to the telling of hubby-wubby nation’s jokey-wokey being such a sorry ranch dude that he milked a horse. “What’s worse, it was a male horse,” she whored on. Oh me brothers as I sat and dagger-watched it was like some great harpy bird had flown into the roast and I felt all the little hairs on my neck standing ends up and shivers crawled gecko slow all over back and arms at her sloppy slur vulgarities plocked on my plate. I felt all of a fever and like drowining in red hot blood, slooshying and vidying the fair DC matey’s secret snipe and I thought, “Whore, filthy, drooling whore” and would have fisted her in the rot but the press was all about and she’s tougher than me and would have had me on the floor in two bits with her spikey heel scoring the nation’s precious jewels.

Story at BBC, First Lady puts the joke on Bush.

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  1. The successor appears:
    You lovetted the scene right horrorshow, she crackin’ his yarbles choodesney before the lewdies worldwide, and all the Prezie’s droogs realizin’ it at once they were viewing the next Republican Prezie, the sharp one, She.

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