Plug for the Dappled Grays

Like Bluegrass and Texas Swing? Marty recorded the “Dappled Grays” in the fall and their CD, “Doin’ My Job” is now out.

Here’s their website.

And here’s their Myspace page.

You can hear tunes at either.

I didn’t hear any of it until this morning and it’s some really fine music. If I wasn’t so allergied out then I would have been dancing some Texas Swing, even though I don’t know how to dance Texas Swing. Leah Calvert, the female singer, has a beautiful, sweet voice.

Marty dropped by their CD release party at Eddie’s Attic on Friday night. They’re a band that not only sounds good and has nice people and produced no studio horror stories (not that one wishes for no entertaining horror stories), but sounds the same live as they do in the studio.

The Dappled Grays’ website has a nice description of them and their history written by Andy Carlson, Associate Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Music at Denison University.

The CD was mixed by Bill Wolf, who is famous in the world of Blue Grass music. He’s mixed all of Tony Rice’s albums.

H.o.p. is glad to have the CD. He became addicted to Blue Grass back in the fall, listening to XM radio, already influenced in that direction by some old Doc Watson and Tony Rice and Sam Bush he’d heard.

Update: I’m sitting here remarking on how much I like “Put You in My Pocket”, a song Leah wrote, and I now hear that they are a must to see live if only for Leah’s rendition of “I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates”, which apparently is provocative enough that her father said he’d prefer it if she never sang it again.

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