View Out Window of Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant
View Out Window of Japanese Restaurant
iPhone capture
July 2011

Light box enlargement

Mo Mo Ya’s is a hibachi grill restaurant. This was one of those all-in-the-presentation, pyromaniac, juggling places. The food was heavy on the peanut oil because so much of it was used in the presentation, and we’re used to cooking with olive oil–but it was worth it. A whole lot of fun. Aaron filmed throughout with ooohs and aaahs. It was a great people watching place, and the garden out the full plate glass windows was beautiful, lit with lamps. A very nice atmosphere. I’d like to go some day just for better photos of the place, and am hoping the food might turn out to be less greasy. Afterward, I saw on Yelp it has gotten a lot of high marks but a long time patron had recently posted on how they had formerly loved the place but the food had recently gone downhill and had become greasy.

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