We Went and We Saw – Young Woman with Toy at the Fair (digital painting)

We Went and We Saw – Young Woman with Toy at the Fair
Digital painting (with photo by artist as reference)
22.42 high by 21.33 inches wide

Lightbox enlargement


Decided to do a digital painting of this a while back, liking the expression on the young woman’s face, the woman who is possibly the mother following (the one with the money being spent), and the woman with the boy walking toward the camera. I hadn’t been to the fair since I was a teen and one thing that struck me was how pink everything was. I expected a broader range of bright colors, but the surprising predominate one was pink and the second one a dull purple, and in certain parts of the fairway there was so much pink and dull purple that it cast everything with a pink hue. Which makes me wonder if there is a psychological reason for the use.

Original photo I took at the fair:

2006fair 113

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