A detour for Justice

Justice, Lafayette Courthouse, Louisiana


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I’ve given a bit of thought to why Justice would be depicted without a brain, and decided the artist must have believed in predetermination and the helplessless of humankind in the face of fate.

Went out of our way to find this in Lafayette. Wouldn’t have gone quite so out of our way if the people we talked to at the convenience store had been able to give us directions to their downtown in not-so-very-large Lafayette. The first woman couldn’t at all. The second one gave us wrong directions that ended with “Don’t worry, you’ll find it.” Which we were going to do, find it, because I had read of this statue and was determined to get a photo.

At least she told us it was across the street from the cathedral. So we found the cathedral eventually and the courthouse wasn’t across the street. I told co-adult that it was then probably the next street over and it was.

We drove up. It was somewhere around 10 PM I think, maybe later. If I remember, it had been raining and worrying about drizzle I wasn’t going to get out of the car with the camera. There was a guard standing right there on the steps which were right next to the street.

Me, rolling down window, pointing at Justice: I want to take a photo!

The guard looked really perplexed, like no one ever had driven up at night before, on his beat, to take a photo of Justice. This surprised me. She’s a treasure and I was thinking that this must happen every night, several times.

Me: I want to take a photo!

I felt compelled to ask/announce because he had a gun and with the mood some people have been in about photographers taking pics of public buildings and bridges, I really didn’t want to get into a bunch of shit on my vacation. Y’know?

The guard finally shook his head and stood looking on, not very amused at all, while I took a few snaps. He had no sense of humor.

Justice, Lafayette Courthouse, Louisiana
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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in Lafayette, but my daughter, who is now going to school in
    Baton Rouge, has developed an enthusiasm for a group called the Red Stick Ramblers, who are nominally a Baton Rouge band (hmm, that was a pun, I didn’t intend it), but who seem to play more in Lafayette. She has gone several times to Lafayette to listen to the Red Stick Ramblers, and to dance to unknown bands playing cajun music. I’ll tell her about the weird justice statue.

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