The 10th Day and Meteor Crater

The 10th day we began our drive back home.

Nearly 20 years ago we attempted to go to Meteor Crater but it was closed. Finally we saw it but the winds were blowing so ferociously that there were no tours that day. We stepped outside to view it briefly. The winds were the kind that literally blow you off your feet. Several great gusts from out of the blue would nearly knock me over, then the wind would abate long enough to walk a few steps and then again would come this wind and I’d stand and brace myself against it, wait for it to pass, then walk a few steps more. Interestingly enough, it raised no dust that you could see at least. Going back inside I did find myself picking a few bits of sand out of my mouth but there was no abrasive grit sting in the wind.

These were the guides. As we were leaving I asked if I could take a photo. They nicely consented.

Meteor Crater Park Guides

We visited the gift shop. They sell sand from the area there. They also sell little meteorite chips. We bought a couple of the chips.

I took miserable photos at Meteor Crater. Not a single decent one in the bunch. But I played around with a couple. Below is the rim as you approach Meteor Crater.

The Road to Meteor Crater
The Road to Meteor Crater

I took pics of things like trailer homes we passed on the interstate. A couple turned out OK. I’ve always been fascinated by trailer homes you can see from the interstate. They seem fairly vulnerable and exposed. Peel away a layer of aluminum and there’s someone’s life.

I took a lot of pics of signs and places that I think are mundanely wonderful.

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