Can’t neglect to mention Hobo Joe’s

Somewhere in Arizona, Hobo Joe's
Somewhere in Arizona, Hobo Joe’s
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Forgot to mention that we ate again at Hobo Joe’s. Had breakfast there one day last year as well. They still have great, giant biscuits. And excellent service. No befuddled, neglectful waitrons here.

The picture shows the famous Hobo Joe statue. Mine was a quick capture and I was pleased to see afterwards I’d positioned myself so Hobo Joe appears to be looking straight at me.

The restaurant is two rooms, the first one smoking and the second one not, separated by glass. I was in the non-smoking area taking this photo and the christmas lights in the room are reflected on the window. I also took a pleasant photo of a woman and her little girl that is up at Flickr.

My dad says that since we were there last year a car went through the front of the restaurant, he believed on the smoking side, and that area was rebuilt. There was no enclosed porch area out front last year and now there is. I guess a buffer zone against the next car (though one should hope it doesn’t happen again).

Yes, Marty and I are the kind of people who will drive a couple thousand miles with happy intentions of visiting again cafes we’ve enjoyed. I still remember fondly one in Seattle, Washington that we breakfasted at a couple of times during a stay there.

Somewhere in Arizona, Mother and Child Dining at Hobo Joe's

And this is a photo I took of H.o.p. at Hobo Joe’s last year.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t neglect to mention Hobo Joe’s”

  1. The Hobo Joes you speak of is owned by my mother and father in-law. The Christmas lights flickering in the background are remenants of my wedding reception in October. What a great night we had.
    My father in-law was the manager of the Hobo Joes chain in the Phoenix area during the 60’s and 70’s. Hence all of the memorailbilia. The restaurant in now totally non-smoking, as of the first of 2007. And so far no has tried to make it a drive through, again.
    They still have the biggest biscuits I have ever seen in my life. And a really great staff. The Hobo is still on display. Next time your in Cottonwood come on by and pay him a visit. You’ll be glad you did.

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