The 7th day and Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle
Montezuma Castle National Monumet, New Mexico, 2006

Not a very good pic but I’m putting it up here for now.

On the 7th day we went to Montezuma Castle on our way from Phoenix to my mother’s home.

You know how it is when you’re snapping pictures and if people don’t have time to get out of your way then they vaguely try to become invisible by going stock still and looking anywhere else but at you…except for men who are holding their children’s dolls who suddenly feel a bit self-conscious and stare your camera down wondering if maybe you are shooting past them, hopefully.

On this trip there was only one person who saw me with the camera and put on a show for me, a very tattooed guy with his girl friend exiting a convenience store. He looked interesting and I had gotten out of the car under the excuse of taking flicks of H.o.p., hoping to get a pic of the guy and his girl friend when they exited the store. Coming out, he saw me and put on a big smile and dropped to his knee and opened his arms wide. Sadly enough I was using the Kodak and it was night and the pic didn’t work out.

At the Grand Canyon I ended up taking tons of pics of the tourists this time around.

There we met a woman who first struck up a friendly conversation with co-adult and then on our way out in the Visitor’s Center she struck up a friendly conversation with me about touring National Parks and how she used to do it with her kids and showed me the book of National Parks you can get in which you stamp every park you’ve been to. I decided for some reason she must be a school teacher. I asked her what her profession was. She used to teach school.

There’s a casino at the pull-off for Montezuma Castle National Monument. At that casino one of my brothers won on the slots enough money to pay for one of his trips out to Arizona. Another sister of mine, who only time in a casino, promptly won $3000 on the slots. I decided not to try my luck.

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