H.o.p. gets to see a bit of a movie being filmed

So H.o.p. got tonight to see a little of what it’s like when a movie is being filmed.

The movie is “One Missed Call”, directed by Eric Valette (French, don’t know anything about him). It’s a remake of a Japanese horror film where people receive voicemails from the future which include the time of their deaths. They receive these voicemails from themselves and get to listen to themselves scream as they die.

On his way home, Marty saw some filming going on down at the Abbey and took H.o.p. over. They stood around and watched them set up the shot. The scene was a car going down the street but as they filming a car came out of a parking garage and wasn’t supposed to be in the picture so they had to start again. They shot it two more times. Did some dialogue in front of the Abbey from different angles. Then the last shot was of people walking to the entrance of the Abbey and…whah..horrors…the lights go off!

There was a pick-up truck sitting in the middle of the street with a stunt driver in it but it never moved. They pulled up a big water truck that never did anything and a crane too that didn’t do anything. There was a car sitting in the yard and there was a fake fire hydrant knocked over.

When Marty was on his way home they were filming someone walking down the middle of Piedmont.

Now you know some of what to expect in “One Missed Call”.

H.o.p. thought it was cool.

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