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For me, an attraction of the museum, is watching people taking in the art.

On a personal note, security at the museum was wonderful with my son when we visited in 2007

On navigation: Back/Next links and thumbnails take you to photo pages on the website. Clicking on the large photos will take you to Flickr. Don't click on the large photos and wander over to Flickr as the more optimal viewing experience is in the galleries here.. He had a bag in which he always carried a sketch book and pens and pencils, and at the MOMA he took many an opportunity to sit and sketch ideas based on the art he was seeing. Security would talk to him and encourage his drawing. I wanted to include the below photo not in the gallery but here as it reminds me of how, noting Aaron's fascination and delight in the sculpture, a guard came over and talked with him at some length about it. The photo records Aaron's making shadow hands on the sculpture's pedestal. He had begun by marveling over the sculpture for a long period of time (he especially enjoyed Picasso's "Absinthe" sculpture as well) then became attracted to the play of light and shadow on the pedestal. Creative learning. Creative inspiration.

Playing with Hand Shadows, MoMA

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